Other men think that Lennie is a big and strong man. They also think he’s a little bit strange, because he’s not aloud to speak for George. But they all like him very much  that is because he has a great personality   and he is the strongest one of them all .  But Curly does not like Lennie because Lennie is much bigger and much more stronger .


We can tell that George and Lennie have known each-other for a long time because George   knows that  if  he leaves Lennie he will get in trouble and sometimes George is mean to him, but he knows that Lennie needs him, so he has to stay  with him. George knows Lennie’s family, example : he knows  a lot about Lennie’s aunt and he remembers that her name is Clara , he also tells Lennie what to do all the time because   Lennie  can’t take care of himself.

Deadlock by sara Paretsky

February 24, 2008

14498837.jpg I Chose this book because after reading on the backside of the book I thought the book sounded interesting because  I like mystery books and the cover was interesting, the book is 89 pages long.

Main Characters : 

V.I Warshawski:  V.I Warshawski is an private investigator , she is tough and beautiful. She never gives up no matter how much people tries to stop her.  

 Boom Boom: Boom Boom is a former  ice -hockey star  and has a lots of friends and fiends  , he gets killed in a mysterious way. 

Clayton Phillips:Clayton Phillips was the   the vice president of Eudora Grain company he was the one who had found Boom-Boom’s body floating . He was in his early forties, with  brown hair and eyes. He drove a Green Alfa and lived on a house on the shore of Lake Michigan.

Plot Summary 

The books is a mystery book and it was set in Chicago, USA . The story takes place in year 2002. The main character is trying to find out how her cousin died. Since one of the main characters died in a mysterious way on a ship this story is about a lot of ships. The book was a crime book and it was very  exciting from the beginning to the end. The book ends with Vic finding out who killed her cousin Boom Boom .

My Final Toughts  about this book is that it is  easy to read and not so long but the  story  does not start   before in the middle of the book. I would recommend it to those who like mystery-books  

John Steinbeck Questions

February 19, 2008

1.The Grapes of Wrath and Mice and Men was the ones who won a Pulitzer Prize.

2.John Steinbeck was born in 1902 in  California.  

3.  Three of John Steinbeck’s books that were made into Hollywood films is :  East of Eden , The Pearl , Cannery Row.

4. In 1937 he wrote of Mice and Men.

5. During WWII John Steinbeck     served as a war correspondent for New York.     

6 . The US president Lyndon  Johnson awarded John Steinbeck the US Medal for freedom.

7. John Steinbeck’s museum is called     the National Steinbeck Center.

8. John Steinbeck was 66 years old when he died.

9.   People thought that The Moon is Down was a book written about a small village in Norway. The village was occupied by Nazis and this helped the Norwegian resistance movement.   

10.Of Mice and Men:

George and Lennie are two migrant agricultural workers on a California ranch who share a dream of owning their own farm someday. They take jobs at a ranch where their hopes are at first raised but then destroyed by a tragic accident.


February 10, 2008

Iron Maiden – Moonchild  

 Metallica – One

DIO- Holy Diver 

Rammstein – Du hast

Short Answer

January 30, 2008


Huck Finn:  Huck Finn’s mother died when he was very young , and he’s father is an  alcoholic and he beats Huck all the time . But Huck has a great life eaven though he has no family. Huck is always nice to other people and he is very smart.

Tom Sawyer : Tom Sawyer is Huck’s friend , Tom is great because he got the widows money back.

Jim: Jim is Miss Watson’s slave , he is not smart because he never went to school. After a while Jim ran away from Miss Watson because she tried to sell him to some  trade slader. In the end Jim becomes a free man. Jim is great because he is always nice to other people.

Miss Watson: She is Widows Douglas sister and she wants Huck  to go to school .  Miss Watson is a great person because she wants people to be happy . 

Widow Douglas : She is an old woman and she has lost her husband. some thieves stole her money. She is a great person because she loves Huck .

1. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn was first published in 1884.

2. The Adventure of Huckleberry Finn can best be described as a classic novel.

3. Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer each received $6000 when they found money that the robbers had hidden in the cave.

4. Huck’s pap returns because he wants to take Huck’s money.

5. When Jim first sees Huck on the island he thinks that he is the Sheriff who wants to take him back to miss Watson.

6. Jim runs away from miss Watson because she is going to sell him to another farmer.

7. Shouldn’t do it.

8. Shouldn’t do it.

9. Huck escapes to Jackson Island and discovers that Jim had run away too.

10. After reading the book I think that Mark Twain is not a racist and he thinks it’s a bad thing because in his book Huck help the black slave (Jim) and I think  that that tells us something about the author.

Mark Twain

January 22, 2008


 Mark Twain was a famous author  he  was born on 30Th of November, 1835.  He was from Hannibal, Missouri. He had one sister and one brother.He worked as a pilot on the boat in  the Mississippi river,  and he got married to Olivia Langdon  they got to daughters  together.

Mark Twain died in April ,  1910 .

1.  The cat is sitting on the  floor.

2.  I am using my computer for searching on the Internet every day . 

3. There is a ghost under the bed .

4.  A friend of mine  walked home without his jacket on.

5.  There is a TV show for children going right now.

6. Walking along the beach is boring. 

7.  My brother is playing a game against a friend .

8.  He is a friend of mine , and I know him very well .

9. I am not doing this for fun .  

10.  Peter is outside playing football .

Flyleaf & Angtoria

December 25, 2007